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Student Testimonials

“Knox Central Primary School is very fun because kids can play around and learn new things! There’s people that
help you if you get stuck on things and it’s fun here to be doing work! I have lots of friends
at Knox Central PS and people are nice here!”

“At Knox Central Primary School, the teachers are all nice and friendly and the children at Knox Central PS are really
nice. The teachers teach really well and we learn lots of different stuff. The playgrounds are
nice and we do lots of sport and we do lots of learning as well!”

“Knox Central Primary School is cool and it’s fun because we learn about stuff! My teacher is good and Mr Spicer
our principal is fair. We do a lot of fun things here!”

“Knox Central Primary School is awesome because there are heaps of playgrounds and there’s fun work. We get
to go in the hall and play basketball and learn hand-passing.”

“At Knox Central Primary School we play sports every week. You can make friends really easily here and you
don’t get left out. We learn really well here about life and maths and literacy!”