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Early Years Programs

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Knox Central Primary School utilises The Eary Years strategy, which aims to assist and support schools in developing literacy and numeracy skills during the early years of schooling - Prep to Grade 4.

The Literacy Program provides an enjoyable way for students to learn the skills to enable them to read and write. The Literacy Program follows the whole, group/individual, whole structure for both reading and writing. Encouraging parent involvement, students work as a whole grade following modelled, shared or guided reading and writing. The class then splits into groups where students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge by practising skills using common activities such as reading circles, group story writing, sentence puzzles, missing letter activities, boggle, scrabble and other games. At the end of the session, the grade comes together for share time. This time gives students the opportunity to learn from what others have to share.

The Numeracy Program aims to improve student learning using high quality research-based materials. Students participate in both traditional pencil and paper work learning the skills needed to solve problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They then have the opportunity to develop skills further by completing open-ended investigations, working in small groups, sharing skills and knowledge, using computer based software and exploring problems in real world contexts. The program helps students to gain a greater understanding of mathematics in their world so that they can solve problems in their day-to-day lives.