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Physical Education

Fundamental Motor Skills

A Fundamental Motor Skills program is an integral part of the curriculum at Knox Central Primary School.  This program aims to improve co-ordination, develop confidence and co-operation and introduce basic skills, or for some children enhance these skills.  This can be transferred to the classroom where academic skills may increase through confidence, as can social skills amongst peers.

The activities include throwing, jumping, catching and obstacles courses using a variety of sports and gymnastics equipment.  The emphasis is not only on the development of the children’s skills, but to ensure they experience success and enjoy them.


House Sports

The House Sports are held annually before the District Athletic Sports.  Students train for each event leading up to this contest.  Field, track, team and novelty events are just some of the events.


Cross Country

The Cross Country is held annually and individuals and classes spend several weeks training and preparing for Knox Central’s Cross Country.  Qualifiers then proceed on to the District Cross Country and then Zone.  This could also lead to further invitations to the State Cross Country.


Inter-School Sports

Grade 5/6 students enjoy the Inter-School Sports played against other local schools most weeks.  The program involves both home and away games, and includes a variety of sports including:  football, netball, soccer, mod-volley, basketball, volleyball just to name a few.


Additional Programs

Knox Central Primary School also offers additional programs such as swimming, gymnastics and sports clinics throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to participate in these programs.