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The Arts

Knox Central Primary School provides a dedicated building to cater for our Visual Arts and Performing Arts programs.


Visual Arts

Students across all levels at Knox Central Primary School enjoy lessons in the Art room located in the new Arts building.  During this time students explore a variety of visual art techniques and processes developing their knowledge and skills as they create their work. The visual arts program encompasses the art methods of drawing, painting, collage, printing, textiles, modelling and construction. During the learning process, they are encouraged to think, plan and research different ideas and to learn the value of art from their own culture and the culture of others. Students also take time to reflect on their own artwork and of those around them.

Student’s artwork is displayed across the school and every second year they showcase their artwork in an art show.

Performing Arts

A performing Arts program operates as part of a bi-lingual program using the music of Spain / Latin America to engage students.  All levels of the school participate in a whole school performance.

Students participate in dance programs and they also have the option of keyboard, vocals and guitar through Junior Rockers, who provide private tuition via the school.