Prep Information

Starting school often brings mixed feelings for parents. It signifies that your child is ready to begin the formal education process and it also means they will develop a greater degree of independence. Your child will be influenced more by their peers and other adults, including teachers, than in the early years. This does not reduce your involvement as a parent though - in fact, it increases your role as the home still remains the on-going constant in your child's life.

To date, the prime responsibility for your child's pre-school development has been yours. However, once school life begins, parents and teachers share the responsibility for the child's continuing development. In this spirit of co-operation, your child's school days will be secure, happy, productive and exciting.

Your child's initial reaction to school is most important for it is likely to influence their attitude for years to come. At the beginning of school your child will confront a whole new range of experiences. Consequently they will need to make adjustments and you can help then through this challenging period by making sensible, methodical preparations.

The Prep Information Manual aims to help you become familiar with the organisation of the school. We trust that it also serves to lessen the anxiety which you and your child may experience when entering unfamiliar circumstances.

You will probably notice that there are many fingers in the "Knox Central pie". We not only encourage community involvement here at Knox Central - we rely on it. We believe that having the community involved in the operation of the school serves to broaden and enrich the curriculum. As such it is a rich resource which cannot be over estimated.

We welcome you to Knox Central Primary School and invite you to become a contributing member of our community as we strive to achieve our common goal to provide the best possible education for your child.