Excellence       Respect      Teamwork      Integrity      Courage
We  promote social responsibility, resilience, perseverance and independence to capably prepare our students for an ever-changing world and prepare children to be responsible global citizens.
The following beliefs/values are an integral part of our school's culture in order to support our students in becoming positive citizens within their community and beyond. Underpinning this is:
  1. The nourishment of community harmony while maximising the benefits and opportunities to be derived from social and cultural diversity

     2.  Sound understandings of the wider global context of which our community is a part

     3.  The development of each child to their full potential
School Agreements - (Tribes)
Knox Central Primary School reinforces an inclusive and supportive approach to student wellbeing through the introduction of the 'Tribes' agreements, where all students and staff follow a set of agreements, developed in partnership and in conclusion with each other, to promote a greater sense of unity, enhance school pride and improve student-teacher relationships.  The agreements allow for a common language across the school community and an awareness of our responsibility to respect each other and hold each other to higher standards.
All students are expected to regard and follow the 6 agreements below: