We’re F/1A! We love to make our learning fun, share our ideas with each other and play games that help us to understand concepts. We use GoNoodle, PMP and Fine Motor activities to help us develop our coordination – plus it’s always fun to have a dance with your friends! Our favourite things to do are make crafts or work with our Grade 6 buddies, and share our ideas through Writer’s Notebook. We have made a HUGE collection of ideas we enjoy writing about, and it really helps us to write awesome stories using a mixture of everyone’s ideas.

Lately we’ve been learning about letters and their sounds. We’ve been practising our counting and days of the week, and have learnt how to write our names! We use whole body listening, and share our appreciations with our classmates when they try their best and do fantastic work.

This term, we are studying Fairy Tales. Fairy Tales help us to learn skills and problem-solving, and we're investigating how similar they are to real life. We are reading lots of fables, singing Nursery Rhymes and learning to work together as a big team! We can't wait for our Fairy Tale Day later this term, and are looking forward to sharing the photos with you!

F/1A 2019 Weekly Timetable:
Monday: Digital Learning (Lab), PMP

Tuesday: Art, Junior Lab

Wednesday: Junior Choir, Spanish, Sport

Thursday: Junior Lab

Friday: Library