Grade 2/3A

My name is Kathleen Weatherby and I am lucky enough to get to teach some amazing students in the 2/3A classroom.


In 2/3A, the students and I work together on building a community within our classroom, where all students feel connected, engaged and empowered. We have developed a growth mindset, where we focus on celebrating successes and setting achievable goals. We also focus on building independence, resilience and strength to assist the students as they progress into higher levels of schooling and beyond.


This term, our integrated focus is The World Around Us! We are loving researching new and interesting facts about different countries and cultures around the world.


The whole school is also lucky enough to take part in a week long Science program run by Deakin Science this term. The students in 2/3A are looking forward to exploring the science behind push and pull mechanisms and complete some hands on activities!


The students are also able to take part in various sporting days and activities throughout the year. This term, we have had our whole school Cross Country Carnival and now have District Cross Country fast approaching and we also have a 4 week ‘Touch Rugby’ clinic coming up, as well as our whole school swimming program.


During this term, our school will also celebrate Education Week with a Special Friend’s Day, Simultaneous Story Time and a Book Fair!


Kathleen Weatherby - Teacher of Grade 23A


Grade 2/3A Weekly Timetable - 2021:


Tuesday:      Digital Learning

Wednesday: Spanish, Library & Visual Arts

Thursday:     Physical Education

Friday:          Digital Learning & Assembly


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