At Knox Central Primary School, students belong to one of four houses throughout their primary school life. Students represent their houses in various activities including athletics and cross country.  The names for our four houses were selected from outstanding Australian athletes.


Bradtke is yellow house and named after NBL Basketballer Mark Bradtke, an Australian professional basketball player who played mainly in Australia's National Basketball League,  and his wife Nicole Bradtke who was a famous tennis player representing Australia at the Olympics. 


DoohanDoohan is green house named after Michael Doohan, an Australian Grand Prix motorcycle road racing world champion, who won five consecutive 500cc World Championships.


FreemanFreeman is red house and named after Cathy Freeman, an Australian sprinter who excelled in the 400-metre dash and who in 2000 became the first Australian Aboriginal person to win an individual Olympic gold medal.


FreemanPerkins, which is blue house and named after Kieren Perkins, an Australian long distance swimmer who won gold in the 1500m at two Olympic Games and who achieved world records in three events at the one time, 400m, 800m and 1500m.



2022 House Captains

2022 House Captains

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