School Council

Knox Central Primary School Council's sets the policy under which the school operates and plays a leading role in every aspect of the school’s development.


The School Council contains elected parent and staff representatives.


Currently, all School Council meetings are being held via Webex and will commence at 7:00pm.


Our 2020 School Council members are:

President: Natasha Kidman
Vice President: Liz Hoath
Treasurer: Geoff Barnett
Secretary: Jane Southern

Elected Parent & Community Reps:

Natasha Kidman (PFA President), Liz Hoath, Geoff Barnett, Andrea Accetta, Ciaran Hayes, Jess Thomas

Staff Reps:

Lisa Burt (Principal), Jane Southern, Paige Sytema


School Council subcommittees are a great way for parents to be involved in our school. If you would like to join a subcommittee, please see the appropriate person listed below:


Finance & Facilities: Geoff Barnett
Education/Policy Review: Lisa Burt
School Promotions: Paige Sytema
PFA: Natasha Kidman