School Council


In essence, the role of school council is one of helping to set the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school's operation.  The School Council is a legal entity composed of Department of Education employees and unpaid voluntary members elected by the school community. School Councils play a key role in all Victorian government schools. As the governing body, a school council can positively influence the quality of education provided to students in their school. 


Areas of responsibility include:

  • Develop and endorse the School Strategic plan 
  • Ensure that an Annual Report is made available to the school community
  • Develop, review and update policies
  • Review and approval of the school annual budget and finances
  • Exercise a general oversight of the buildings and grounds ensuring that they are kept in good order and condition
  • Encourage community interest in school activities
  • Ensure that the school is responsive to the needs of the local community


Members of the school community are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.



How is our School Council elected?

Each year, School Council elections take place in Term 1 and the process must be completed by 31st March. The principal is responsible for conducting the election.  Information detailing the number of vacancies is provided to parents during February, inviting nominations for School Council.  School councillors are elected for either a two-year or one-year term.

There are two separate representatives within a school community:

  • Parent representative
  • Department of Education and Training (DET) employee representative



2022 School Council Members

President: Natasha Kidman

Vice President: Liz Hoath

Treasurer: Geoff Barnett

Secretary: Paige Hurley


Parent Members:

Andrea Accetta

Geoff Barnett

Bec Clayton

Ciaran Hayes

Liz Hoath

Natasha Kidman

Sarah Mackenzie


DET Members:

Lisa Burt

Paige Hurley

Danielle Kennedy



School Council subcommittees are a great way for parents to be involved in our school. If you would like to join a subcommittee, please see the appropriate person listed below:


Finance & Facilities: Geoff Barnett
Education/Policy Review: Lisa Burt
School Promotions: Danielle Kennedy
PFA: Natasha Kidman


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